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Ruffled skirt with Ottobre 1/2011 15. Cocos

Previously I made a jacket for my son out of Fabricking French terry that I got for free. I had some pretty big scraps and S wanted me to make something for her, too. So, I decided to make a nice skirt for S. There was an easy ruffled skirt pattern 15. Cocos in the Ottobre design 1/2011 which didn’t take long to complete.

S and her new ruffled skirt from Ottobre design 1/2011 15. Cocos.

The pattern come in sizes 104 to 146 cm and the pattern suits both knits and wovens.

The ruffled skirt has a straight yoke and two rectangular ruffles that are gathered together to the yoke. The waist has an elastic, so there is no need for zippers or ribbing. Thus, you only need rectangular pieces and a piece of elastic. I used the cover stitch machine to finish all the hems and I think that the whole skirt was ready in an hour or so.

The ruffled skirt from the front.

I tried to centre the big oval shape in the fabric but, as it happens, S managed to twist the skirt a bit before we took the photos. So trust me, when I say that the pattern placement is better than it seems!

... and from the back.

I think that this skirt would look slightly better if it were shorter but then Ottobre patterns do have some room to grow. I also prefer to make garments that my kids can wear for some time. This is not the first time that I use this pattern so I can definitely recommend this.

S enjoying the scent of my lilies.

These photos were taken in July and now its already August and the schools have started. Where did the summer go? Besides, it feels strange that my youngest has now started the third grade in school.

This is all for today. Thank you for reading! Happy sewing!


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