Oh Boyz aka t-shirt of faces

When I saw this fabric at Eurokangas I did not think twice: K was going to get a new t-shirt.  With the funny print there was no need to get a fancy pattern, so I took an old an trusted pattern: Let It Be from Ottobre Design 6/2010.


There was really nothing fancy with the sewing. I added a bright orangey red collar using a scrap piece of jersey I had in my stash. If I remember correctly the selvage of the printed jersey said “Oh Boyz”, so that is what I started calling the t-shirt in my mind.


This t-shirt has been in regular use already for months. I have had trouble taking the photos since the t-shirt seems to get stains and/or end up in the laundry pile faster than I have been able to grab my camera! The good thing is that it has weathered regular washing well and who am I to complain when my makes are appreciated!


Today I was waiting with the camera when K came home from school. The reluctant attitude turned into excitement as I casually offered an ice cream reward. The boy finished his maths homework faster than I could take the photos so we finished by taking some ridiculous poses at the staircase.




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