Kultavilla Lorna skirt.
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Bias-cut skirt with stripy Kultavilla fabric

Susanna of Kultavilla weaves beautiful textiles for both home and garments here in Finland. We met at Ommel festival and then afterwards chatted about fabrics and weaving. She offered me this wool-cotton Folk fabric for free after I fell in love with the colours and the softness of it. The pattern reminds me of traditional Finnish textiles but the modern colour shades make the fabric look fresh. I wanted to play with the stripes and thus decided to cut the fabric in bias.

Kultavilla Folk wool-cotton.

The Lorna skirt pattern that came with the British Love Sewing magazine was a good basic pattern for a bias-cut skirt. However, I had to make some changes to make it work for this fabric.

Lorna skirt pattern by Love Sewing.

Kultavilla Folk fabric is 30 % organic cotton and 70 % wool. It is very soft and drapey and I decided to add some support to it by flat-lining it with lightweight cotton. As I was working with my Victorian walking skirt at the same time, I ended up finishing the seams in this skirt the old-fashioned way but flat-felling them by hand. This also made the seams more durable.

Flat-lining the Lorna skirt.

I moved the zipper to the side where I prefer it. The tabs decorating the waistband didn’t really look good, so I left them out. Instead, I added lined patch pockets, since a skirt really needs pockets, even if they are small ones. I hand-sewed them in since I had already finished the rest of the skirt.

The Lorna skirt made out of Kultavilla Folk fabric.

This skirt is perfect for this kind of crisp autumn day. I wear it with black tights and the dark green dyed cashmere top that I refashioned some years ago. Here is the skirt from the back…

The Lorna skirt out of Kultavilla wool-cotton.

… and the side view.

Kultavilla Folk wool-cotton and the Lorna skirt from the side view.

All in all, this fabric made a nice skirt! I am happy that I decided to use the fabric in bias since it made the skirt look much more modern. If you like this Kultavilla fabric, check out Kultavilla Instagram at @kultavilla, where you can learn more of the new upcoming fabrics and where to get them.

This is all for today! Thank you for reading and see you soon! Happy sewing!


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  • Nunt

    Törmäsin blogiisi kun etsin epätoivoisesti hyviä vinkkejä ohuen villakankaisen hameen vyötärökaitaleen stabilisointiin. Kangaskaupassa meinasivat, että liimakangasta vaan, mutta pelkään pilaavani 60euroa / metri kankaan. Kangas kestää kyllä varsinaisen liimakankaan silityksen, mutta jotenkin tökkii laittaa polyesteriä + liimaa 100% villaan. Vyötärökaitale on vielä muotoon leikattu, eikä suora. Epätoivoiselle olisiko sinulla hyviä vinkkejä?

    • kk

      No aina voi tietty ommella tueksi jouhikanvasta tai vaikka farkkua. Mä olen mun takki- ja liiviprojekteissa ommellut käsin tukikankaan paikoilleen. Tai sitten voisit katsoa toimisiko muunnelma tuosta ”couture waistband” -ideasta. Katsopa noista, jos jokin toimisi!

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