Ottobre Marley shorts for my son.
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Ottobre Marley shorts for my son

I have made the Ottobre Marley shorts from Ottobre 3/2010 once before. Now that the warm weather completely surprised us we noticed that K had completely grown out of his shorts. I dug out this good pattern and was a bit disappointed that K was already too tall for the biggest size. Luckily the largest size was just one size smaller than K, so I was able to size it up.

Ottobre Marley shorts.

I used dark gray cotton jersey with a little dash of orange jersey at the pockets. Furthermore, I did some topstitching in bright red thread to add a bit sporty feeling to the shorts.  K wished the shorts to be a bit shorter than what the pattern would have had, so I ended up chopping quite a lot from the legs.

Ottobre Marley shorts from the back.

Only after K put the shorts on I realized how well the shorts match with his trainers! I am also happy that K likes his new shorts.

Ottobre Marley shorts: K in action!

As we used K’s new bike as a prop we had to take some action photos, too! K got a special permission to ride without a helmet this time if he promised not to fall! He kept his promise and I managed a few action shots with my camera.

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I hope you liked this post and thank you for reading! Happy sewing!



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