Winter in Victorian-inspired costume.
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Winter is here

This morning we woke up and the ground was white. I can hardly believe that we have snow at the beginning of November! Anyway, it was a perfect photo opportunity so I dressed up in my Victorian-inspired costume and headed outside. I threw on my Girasole shawl I knitted 10 years ago and it kept me warm.

My Victorian-inspired outfit and the Girasole shawl from the side back.

I have been wearing this Truly Victorian 1898 walking skirt a lot this autumn. It is super warm and comfortable and I love the long skirt swishing behind me. A few weeks ago I added a dark grey braid to protect the edge of the hem from wear.

My Victorian-inspired winter outfit and the Chatelaine.

I realised that the Gertie blouse I made last summer suits nicely with the walking skirt as the puffed shoulders and the simple dotty print is Victorian enough for me. However, I am in the process of making a proper Gibson Girl blouse using the pattern by Folkwear. That will take some time with all the insertion lace but I love the process!

You may also notice my new Chatelaine! I am still building it. I ordered the base through Etsy but I just couldn’t justify spending the money to buy all the different tools for it. Thus far, I have modified a seam ripper by drilling a hole in it for hanging and turned a scissor necklace into a pair of chatelaine scissors. I also painted and decorated an ugly old tape measure to fit with the style. I am still needing a thimble holder and a needle case. A thimble holder is easy as there are cheap bead cages available but all the needle cases I’ve found are a bit expensive. However, I am sure something suitable will appear at some point.

The beautiful Girasole shawl from the back.

I was amazed that this Girasole shawl is already 10 years old! I only learned it when I checked the date on my Ravelry page. It has been designed by Jared Flood and it is one of my favourite knits. I have renamed it my “comfort shawl” as I wear it when I feel a bit under the weather. When I am ill and alternatingly shivering and sweating, this shawl, folded in half, keeps me warm.

My herbs are still alive!

This is all for today. Happy sewing and enjoy the winter/autumn/whateveryoucurrentlyhave!


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  • Shan Thatcher

    Re your post “Winter is here”. Love your Victorian outfit with the shawl – super colour combo! And can we have more details on the chatelaine please?

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