Kielo dress with long sleeves.
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Kielo dress with sleeves

Our family friend K is recovering from an illness and to cheer her up and to congratulate her for her improved health I decided to make her something. She liked the Kielo dress by Named clothing and together we found this lovely petrol blue jersey that was perfect for a dress.

I have made the same Kielo dress before and a jumpsuit hack of it but both were long and sleeveless. This time I printed out the free sleeve pattern for the Kielo dress and cut the dress shorter according to K’s wishes.

K in her new Kielo dress.

I don’t know the exact composition of the fabric we picked up but it is probably polyester or some kind of mix. It is very drapey and doesn’t wrinkle badly and in my opinion, suits Kielo dress pattern much better than the cotton jersey I used in my own dress version.

Petrol blue kielo dress from the back view.

Sewing the dress didn’t take long. I added Framilon elastic to the shoulder seams to keep them from stretching and stabilised the neckline with forming tape interfacing.

Another pic of the petrol blue Kielo dress with sleeves.

I wasn’t able to fit the dress on her during the sewing as we don’t live very close to each other. However, I left the sleeves and the hem unfinished and took my cover stitch machine with me when I left to deliver the otherwise ready dress. I then could fit the sleeves and adjust the hem length after the fitting.

Such a successful project!

K liked the dress a lot and that made me so happy. I think that the colour and the style suits her really well and I hope she finds a good use for it!

This is all for today! Happy sewing!


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