My blue Mélilot blouse by Deer & Doe.
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My blue Mélilot blouse

This dark blue Liberty Tana Lawn has been waiting in my stash for a while. Finally I decided to make another Mélilot blouse using the pattern by Deer & Doe. This is a pattern that I have used already several times and also combined with Sewaholic Granville pattern. Now I went back to the pattern sheet and decided to start all over and go up a size to 38. I also added about 3 cm to the length of the sleeves and the length of the body, since my previous versions were just a bit short for me, especially at the sleeves.

Deer & Doe Mélilot: The cuffs.

I also changed the way I interfaced the collar and the cuffs. In the instructions, the both pieces of the collar, the collar stand and each of the cuffs are interfaced. However, I have noticed that my interfacing seems to “bubble” in the wash and the bubbles seem to be impossible to get rid of with ironing. So following the advice I got online I only interfaced the facings that are not visible. This doesn’t really change the look of the blouse but I hope to get rid of the untidy bubbly look of the washed interfaced fabric.

Deer & Doe Mélilot blouse: side view.

This time I made the hidden button placket. I did not find blue buttons in my button stash, so I went for contrasting white ones. The whole blouse is made using French seams, so it looks pretty also from the inside.

Deer & Doe Mélilot blouse from the back.

I was happy with the fit. Now that I went up a size the blouse hem fits over my hips better and the sleeves reach all the way down like they should. I can now also lift my hands without the blouse rising too high.

Deer & Doe Mélilot blouse.

The fabric is super comfortable. It is soft, almost weightless and even slightly stretchy so it is like wearing an oversized t-shirt.

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  • Melody Srygley

    Lovely – an inspiration blouse! I’ve been looking at this and the Granville. Which do you think best for a “square ” body? (I’d like to avoid the boxy look of the Archer with a shaped side seam, but…)
    I’m enjoying your blog!

    • kk

      Thanks! To answer your question, I have quite square body. I am slim, but my waist is proportionally bigger than my bust or hips. I usually like to emphasize my hips and add a bit extra fabric on my hips. With a blouse, perhaps you could add a bit to the curve, to create an impression of a hour-glass look, if that is what you are after. Also, think about tucking your blouse in or creating a defined waist with a belt. Or you could balance the boxyness by wearing tight trousers with the top and emphasize your legs, instead. Of course, there are many styles that people are comfortable with and I think the right blouse is the one that makes you feel fabulous no matter the shape or style! If you feel great, your whole posture changes and that has more impact than any adjustment you could make!

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