My cottagecore pinafore dress.
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Making a very cottagecore pinafore dress

I was hoping for a warm summer and oh boy was I right! It was great to have this pinafore dress I made in June on those weeks with 30 degrees Celcius heat and more(that’s 86 degrees F for you Americans!). Luckily we have now a few days break during which we can get some stuff done until the heat comes back again. Linen is such a wonderful material in the summer.

The fabric I used was cotton-linen blend fabric by Atelier Brunette. I’m so happy that a local shop Salapakka in Helsinki carries these French fabrics as they have such nice colours. And it allowed me to go back two times to get more fabric as I greatly underestimated the amount of fabric I need!

Here is my video on how I made the dress:

As you may have seen in the video, I ended up modifying the pattern quite a lot. In fact, it might have been better to just draft my own pattern with the amount of trouble I went through with me changing the position of the waist and then having to both shorten the bib and add length in the form of the ruffle!

I also made the linen blouse to go underneath. That was a super-quick project and I used the free pattern by the Happiest Camper here. The only change I did to the pattern was to replace the elastic at the neckline with a drawstring which allows me to adjust the neckline size when I want.

There was enough fabric left over to make that nice little triangular scarf, too. That not only protects my scalp from sunburn but also helps on those days when I do not have time to get my hair washed and done neatly.

Thank you for reading and see you soon! Happy sewing!


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