My Askola skirt

My Askola folk skirt

This time my Askola folk costume gets a skirt. For that, I used my hand-woven fabric and sewed the whole thing by hand like it was traditionally done. The folk skirt itself is pretty simple. It’s a basic rectangle skirt with three metres of fabric pleated to the waistband. I had just about enough fabric as my 1 metre wide fabric shrank when I took it out from the loom.

Here is the video on making the skirt:

If you look at the extant skirt in the National Museum, you can see a stripe of linen fabric between the waistband and the skirt. My skirt doesn’t have that, as it has been added probably to lengthen the skirt at some point. As the vest covers the top of the skirt, it makes sense to add length just below the waistband rather than add a strip to the hem.


I love how the skirt turned out. I must admit that it is very warm now during the summer and it will be much nicer to wear during the winter. The hand-woven fabric has just the right amount of body to have the skirt drape well. I also wear a sturdy linen petticoat underneath.

The only problem that I sometimes have with this skirt is that it is heavy and tends to creep downwards. I may have to add some suspenders to keep it sitting at my waist level as I don’t want to make the waistband any tighter. Still, suspenders are not unheard of in Finnish folk costumes and they will be hidden under the vest anyway.

The vest is then the next project. Compared to the skirt, the vest has much more work as it has pad-stitching, lining, and hidden cord closure. Follow me to see how I make those!

Happy sewing!


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