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An autumn blouse for my daughter

I decided to try out a pattern from Tauko magazine and use up this gorgeous cotton sateen fabric from Nuppu print company while at it. I had only bought one meter of this fabric but it was just enough to make the Helmi blouse for my daughter who is smaller than me. This was also my first experience with Tauko magazine. I had bought three of them but like it often happens with sewing magazines, they had ended up decorating my shelf.

Here is the video of me sewing the blouse. Enjoy!

I left out the ruffles from the Helmi blouse. I first had planned adding some lace for the ruffles but I finally liked the blouse just as it was. The patterned fabric doesn’t need that many details. The bow at the collar and the gathered sleeves are enough to bring out the soft femininity of this blouse. I think this was just the perfect fabric for this Helmi blouse pattern.

I had a little fabric left over so I decided to make two hair donuts. I remember sewing them for myself when I was about the same age as my daughter is now and now they are back in fashion. Alas, I had never as much hair as my daughter has so my space buns never looked as good!

Some photos of the finished Helmi blouse

The finished Helmi blouse.
Another picture of the blouse.

This is all for today! I have some really exciting projects coming out soon and I can’t wait to post them! So subscribe for not to miss them! In the meantime, Happy Swing!


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  • Debbie Cook

    Your daughter looks very pretty wearing her new top and hair donuts! Alas, I never had thick enough hair for buns to look good either so I understand.

  • Nancy

    Your daughter is adorable in her fall blouse. Stitched by mom! I’ve never commented before but I’m in the USA,,, in northern Indiana. You sew magnificently!

  • Sarah

    The new blouse looks great on her and the print goes really nicely with her trousers. What a nice idea to make matching hair donuts 🙂

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