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Goldfish circus costume

I was inspired by my daughters spring circus performance theme, “Underwater animals”, to create her an unique gold fish circus costume. For once I could let my imagination run wild and this is what I came up with…


Pretty ballerina

Autumn means that S has started her dance lessons once again. The old dance outfit from H&M was starting to look a bit frumpy so I bought a new leotard for S. However, there weren’t any white tutus in S’s size, so I decided to sew…


Arrrr… pirate birthday

I have never before arranged a themed birthday party in my life. However, my pirate-loving son is turning eight soon and we decided to organize a pirate-themed costume party.I decided to be ambitious and sew a pirate captain costume for my son. I made a pirate coat…


Once upon a time there lived a winter princess…

… who traveled to the Land of Spring where she found a forest with tiny white flowers. “They are like snow”, she exclaimed.She wove the flowers into her braid and the flowers were like tiny little snowflakes!She could feel the warmth of the sun that was shining through the…