Elsa braid with flowers
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Once upon a time there lived a winter princess…

Elsa picking flowers

… who traveled to the Land of Spring where she found a forest with tiny white flowers. “They are like snow”, she exclaimed.

Elsa braid with flowers

She wove the flowers into her braid and the flowers were like tiny little snowflakes!

Elsa from the front

She could feel the warmth of the sun that was shining through the canopies and over the hilltops. “I want to feel the sun properly”, she said.

Elsa from the back

With the snowy flowers in her hair, she searched for the route to the top of the hill. The paths were twisty and rocky but the little princess never gave up. Finally, she found what she was looking for: In front of her, there was a large clearing filled with sunshine and warmth. The princess gathered her skirts and ran laughing as fast as her tiny feet carried her. “I love the spring!”

Elsa runs

And she lived happily ever after in the Land of Spring!

I made my daughter a queen Elsa outfit because she loves Disney’s Frozen. I used stretch jersey for the undershirt and polyester satin and organza that I found in the discount piles of the local fabric shops for the dress. I drafted the undershirt pattern using an old tee of S’s and took some sizing hint from the previously made Olabelhe dresses, but otherwise drafted the dress by myself. Finally, nothing really remained from the pattern I used as a sizing help, since I changed the bodice completely, made a skirt differently and added the cape. I am a bit nuts, since I decided to go through a lot of trouble and painted the organza pieces with glittering snowflakes. Unfortunately the bright sunshine during our photo session with S makes it a bit hard to see the finer details. However, S loves her Elsa costume!

I am a mother of two. I sew, knit and create and blog about it.

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