Iron Man



My son loves superheroes and wanted to have a hoodie that can be completely closed up. We spend some time thinking about different options and finally I suggested an Iron Man hoodie. I already had a full zip hoodie pattern from Ottobre Design 4/2011 so we only had to draft an application pattern resembling an Iron Man suit. After some sketching, this is what I came up with. I used red college for the hoodie and a mixture of jersey and college for the applications.


When the hood is closed completely the hood forms the mask of Iron Man. I am very happy with the result. The size is perfect, since I wanted to leave some room for K to grow into.


He absolutely adores the hoodie and I have never seen him being so careful with his clothes before as he tries not to get any stains on it. He wore it every single day for about 9 days straight when he got it and then I had to take it away to have it washed. Apparently the whole neighborhood now knows my boy as the kid with the Iron Man¬†hoodie as he spend the first week showing it around to every single person that he met. (And I get comments like: “Oh, you are the mother of the boy in red hoodie! He came to show it to me the other day and told that it was made by his mother”, when I introduce myself to a new person.) A little girl in his class, however, told me in a disapproving tone¬†that K gets told of by the teachers since he wants to wear the hood in class!


Here is a final picture of the Iron Man in action. S plays the bad guy in the black ninja suit. (Although, to be honest, she said she was pretending to be an ant.)

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