Pink Sally dress from Very Shannon
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Dress does not mean you should stop exploring…


… a little bit of dirt never hurt anyone. If you ask S, the dresses are nicer to wear, since they are not as tight as regular trousers/pants. Unless we are on our way to a special occasion, I never forbid my kids from playing in the fear of them ruining their clothes. The clothes should never be considered too fine to play in! The only thing I beg from my daughter is not to drag her feet with the ride-on scooter. The previous pair of trainers only lasted for a month!

Blue Sally dress

Here are some of the simpler play dresses I made for S. The pattern for the pink and the blue dress is Sally from Very Shannon. I like the simplicity of the dress and the square neckline and the big pockets add nice charm to it.

Green Ottobre dress

The third dress is Hollywood Cerise from Ottobre Design 3/2012. I like the dress but the photo does not really do it justice.

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