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Looking for gingerbread house… or red clovers

I fell in love in the “Old Fashioned Beauty” dress in Ottobre 3/2013. S’s closet is bursting with dresses, but there’s always room for this pretty little thing. I found the cotton in Kangastukku and initially was not impressed with it. However, after sewing the dress I really like the outcome.

There is actually some vintage ribbon to make tribute to the name of the pattern. I have an acquaintance whose hobby is to find owners to the old stuff found in cupboards of people that don’t need them (usually because they have recently passed-away). She knows that I do a lot of sewing and now passes me bundles of little treasures like buttons and ribbons almost every month. I love the system! The buttons and ribbons would be too cheap to be sold and would be easily thrown into the rubbish pile but now I get to recycle them in garments like this one.


S loves the dress. When we were taking pictures it was first cloudy but then the sun started shining and the forest became almost magical. When I was a kid I used to imagine the children in the fairytales wearing dresses like this with little bows in their braided hair.


S found some red clovers and wanted to bring it home to be put in to a vase!


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