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Hello! It’s me at last and my new Norah dress

I haven’t yet shown my face in my blog, but here I am at last to show my new Norah dress. We took the pictures yesterday after exiting from the cinema where we went to see a new Finnish action comedy called Big Game.


The tunic works best with some leggings. I have also worn it with a tee-shirt under it or with a cardigan and the outfit looks nice in both ways. The weather was finally warm and sunny, as you can see, but I still carried a button-up shirt just in case.


The pattern is Norah dress from a wonderful book Sy! Urban Collection by Jenny Hellström. I originally borrowed it from the local library, but now I also own a copy after I spotted it at the sales.


There are a lot of nice basic patterns and several suggestion of alterations. For instance, the Norah dress has also a top version.


And again, everything is in Swedish. I think my language skills are improving with every single sewing project!

I am a mother of two. I sew, knit and create and blog about it.

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