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A pink unicorn stick horse

S loves unicorns so I wanted to use some cotton remnants to make her a stick unicorn after I found an old unused broomstick. I went through Pinterest to find ideas but finally settled in a pattern published in Finnish magazine Kodin kuvalehti website. (If you are interested in the pattern, just go to the website to download the pdf keppihevosenkaava.pdf.)


I had to shorten the neck from the pattern since the longer neck looked really heavy. I made the horn pattern myself. I added some fun foam inside it to give some support in addition to the polyester stuffing. I hand-sewed the eyes and nostrils in place. I made the mane by cutting loads and loads of strips with pinking shears and the bridle from a ribbon and a metallic ring from a hobby store. S wanted me to add a pretty flower, so I did!


Here is S taking the horse for a “test drive”! Apparently the unicorn is really fast. I was afraid for S to fall down in the slippery mud that coated some of the forest paths.


Here they are. An unicorn an her girl!


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