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Last days of summer with Liisa

Linen is the perfect material for hot summer days. Here in Finland the summer is quickly turning into fall and it’s hard to imagine that these pictures were taken only a couple of weeks ago.


The Pattern is Lizzy dress (which I conveniently renamed “Liisa”) is from the British Simply Sewing magazine, issue eighteen. I was actually a bit disappointed since of the three patterns the magazine cover promised I only got one. Apparently the other two were only available within UK. This, however, was stated in tiny letters in a vertical footnote in the inner pages and impossible to read through the plastic cover. I did complain and was offered a refund but I still ended up keeping the magazine since I at least wanted the one pattern. Besides, I felt that going through the whole process of taking the magazine back was too much trouble.


I had very limited amount of fabric since I almost never shop for the pattern but instead end up selecting something suitable from my stash. After cutting the main parts of the dress I did not have any pieces big enough for the pockets. I didn’t want to make contrast pockets as suggested in the pattern so the necessity is the mother of invention.  I quickly sketched quilted pockets that used the few remaining pieces of the leftover fabric and the shape of which repeated the curved shape of the neckline band. I like the outcome very much. Without the fabric limitations I never would have had the patience to do pockets that complicated!


Finally, I on two minds about this dress. I some images it looks boring and baggy and in some it looks nice and relaxed. I think also that the colour would look so much better with a tanned skin. Alas, I don’t really get much suntan and nowadays use sunscreen anyway when I go outdoors.


Thanks for my husband and little S for taking the pictures! They were taken at the new Finnish Nature Centre Haltia.

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