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Ghostly tee and a dress

S has been asking me to sew a blue dress for her. She even drew me a picture and luckily Ottobre 4/2012 Black Denim -dress fit the description perfectly. I found some blue stretch denim that worked well for the pattern. I forgot the vertical front seam in the pattern but it did not matter. Besides, I made the dress slightly longer for S to wear it with tights.


Under the dress, S wears Ottobre 1/2015 Toucan t-shirt. I made it using some remnant white viscose jersey with Pacman ghost pattern. The gatherings at the both sleeves and a curved hem add a nice detail to this basic top.


I still do not have enough experience with topstitching. Especially with a double needle the two threads twisted around each other and caused tangles. Without the double needle the stitching was slightly easier after I increased the thread tension a bit. Luckily the right side of the dress looks doesn’t show any ugly loops or thread messes that the wrong side hides!


I used some remnant patterned cotton poplin for the lining to add something extra. You can see a slight glimpse of the lining in the bottom picture!


We bought the gymnastic rings to our home and since then S has been more or less upside down while at home and not sleeping. The new dress suits well for the circus moves too!

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