Mini Sun trousers in Ottobre Design 1/2016
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Stretch cotton fabric from Tallinn and what became of it (part 1)

S wanted me to buy her some white and pink stretch cotton fabric when we visited Tallinn last spring. The fabric did not at first speak to me at all and it remained in my stash until S needed some trousers. When I saw Mini Sun trousers in Ottobre Design 1/2016 I knew that I had just the fabric.

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I loved this pattern. I like how the trousers have stretchy waist and the pleats but still have a slim silhouette. I did not change a thing and the trousers fit S like a glove. I had so much fun pattern matching! I don’t know why but it always gives me such a pleasure to try to pattern match pockets so that they almost disappear to the fabric.

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S says that the trousers are nice and that they are comfortably cool. She tends to run around and do all kinds of acrobatics so she tends to get hot easily.

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