Stella dress with flowers

Stella dress by Ikatee caught my attention immediately, when I saw it. The beautiful frills and light linen were so romantic but also fashionable right now. I was unable to find similar light linen but I had romantic viscose jersey and thought: why not to try a completely different fabric.

I made the dress deliberately one size bigger (122 cm) to have some room for S to grow into. The only thing I changed was I turned the edge of the ruffled pieces twice and stitched them rather than making a rolled hem. I had just had some difficulties with my serger and didn’t feel like fiddling with the serger settings. The twice turned edge seemed to work just fine, even if it is not usually recommended for knits. Because the ruffles are not subjected to stretching in use, so this finishing works just fine.

blogiin040417 - 9

Finally the result is a bit nightie-like, but S doesn’t think so and who am I to disagree. In general, S likes her dresses long and the loose fit is surely comfortable and relaxed. Anyway, I like the pattern and when I come across some lightweight linen, I will make another version.


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