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A Mother’s day dress

Here in Finland we celebrate Mother’s day on next Sunday. I wanted to make something as a surprise gift for my Mom and decided on a nice summer dress with a bold print. I sent cryptic pictures of different fabrics to get her opinion and together we decided on a graphic leaf print.

I used the pattern for the Lizzy dress from the British Simply Sewing magazine, issue eighteen that I had previously used to make myself a linen summer dress. I figured out that this A-line dress would be safe to sew without me being able to do any fitting, using just the body measurements to determine the correct size.


My previous dress had been sleeveless but I thought the sleeves would make the dress a bit more dressy. With the bold print the pattern matching was a challenge. I had to give up on the side seams since the front and back pieces had different angles and the pattern matching was impossible. Instead, I concentrated on matching patterns at the collar band and the pockets.


From the back the dress looks like this. The slight misalignment in the pattern is due to the center-back seam that also includes an invisible zip. Making a perfect alignment wouldn’t have been reasonable since it would have used so much more fabric.


Conveniently my mother was coming for a visit for the weekend, so I gave the gift in advance. I was so happy when my mother loved the dress and it fit her very well. I think that this kind of dress is very convenient everyday dress that you can wear as well at home as outside while running errands. It wouldn’t even look out of place in a relaxed garden party!


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