Passenger Trench Coat from Ottobre Design 1/2013
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A Little Pink Squirrel a.k.a. Passenger Trench Coat

S has grown so that the old beloved H&M trench coat was way too small. However, sometimes a young lady needs a pretty coat and the days are getting chillier, so I took up a challenge to sew a trench coat using the Passenger Trench Coat pattern from Ottobre Design 1/2013.

I had bought a lovely dusty pink microfiber fabric already at spring and cut out the pattern pieces. After that I chickened out. The number of pieces and especially the scary pockets made me store the pieces to the shelves to wait some extra courage.


Finally last week, after watching a marathon of The Great British Sewing Bee, I started the slow process of putting the coat together. The first things were the scary pockets which finally came out quite OK. Fitting the sleeves was a bit tricky since the fabric did not have any stretch what so ever. I used lovely floral cotton sateen for the main lining fabric and some slipperier polyester lining for the sleeves.


Finally, I love the outcome. The size is perfect. It doesn’t look too big, but still has enough room for S to grow. S thinks that the coat looks cute (“like a little pink squirrel”).


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