Advance 7701 vintage wrap top, front view.
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Vintage pattern – modern style

I wanted a wrap blouse to wear with my 1950s A-line skirts. I stumbled across this vintage Advance 7701 pattern on Etsy and bought it.


The pattern was interesting: the kimono sleeved pattern has basically just a single pattern piece (well one for left side and another for the right side) plus the ties and a small collar piece. It is slightly longer at the back and wraps around the waist.


I found this beautiful light pink jersey when digging through the factory remains section of Eurokangas. The fabric is definitely not vintage-like, but I thought it might work just fine.  I don’t know the exact composition of the fabric, but I would bet it is mostly viscose. It is super stretchy at least. It seemed to go on and on when I was ironing it and when I wear it, it is so lightweight and stretchy that I don’t even notice it.

I noticed that many people had made this blouse online and some of them hand removed at least some of the darts when using knits. I left the darts there even if I would probably have left them out. I did all the edges except the collar band part using my cover stitch machine even if I had to fight with some skipped stitches. (Me and my cover stitch machine are still new acquaintances.) I left the tying ribbons out. I really did not see any use of adding them since the ties certainly keep the blouse in place.

So this is what I ended up with:


The side view shows the longer back part that is covered with the ties:


The center back seam is cut in the bias and the slight effect of alternating shiny and matte threads of the jersey make a nice effect:


The collar is slightly loose. If I ever sew this blouse again I will cut the neckline piece sides in an angle to avoid the droopiness.


To conclude, my result is certainly not a vintage blouse the modern fabric takes care of that. The pattern however suits for many different fabrics and I will get a lot of wear of this wrap blouse.

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