Lekala blouse meets Peter Pan


Hello everyone!

I made this Lekala blouse #4456 already last summer but I didn’t wear it and I didn’t post it. Why? The reason is that I did not like the outcome a bit. The Atelier Brunette fabric was beautiful, if slightly prone to wrinkles, but the collar felt stiff and too big and the sleeves stuck out weirdly:

Lekala blouse with short sleeves #4456 sewn by me.

The blouse has been gathering dust in my sewing room for a year, but today I had some spare time and I started ripping out the collar. After the collar was gone the blouse felt much better. I then gathered the extra width of the sleeves on little pleats and sewed them in place.


So what to do with the collar? I found the original pattern pieces and used them as a guide to draw a Peter Pan collar. Luckily I had still some of the fabric in storage and it did not take long to whip out a new simpler collar. I did not bother with a proper facing but finished the seam between the collar and the bodice using some white satin bias binding.

This is how the blouse looks from the back. I think that the blouse could have a bit more width at the hip level but otherwise the fit is fairly good. I do not think that this will become my favourite blouse pattern even after the changes but now I have a blouse that I can happily wear.


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