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Time traveling to the 1950s

I have always loved vintage styles from the 1940s and 1950s. The clothes of that era were pretty and feminine without being overly revealing (which is a problem in our cold climate). I bought some black and white checked cotton some while ago and on a whim decided to make a simple circle skirt. I calculated the pattern and the skirt was ready in about 2 hours. I added 4 belt loops for a narrow belt. To add some oomph to the skirt, I sewed a crinoline from some leftover tulle and satin.


A black teeshirt, that I made during the summer, suits well with the skirt. The pattern is (again) from the book Sy! Urban Collection by Jenny Hellström.


S wanted also to show up in the pictures. She wanted to show up her new (fleamarket) dress that she fell in love with. Furthermore she was fascinated by the images in a Unknown Soldier (novel by Väinö Linna) and wanted to show me them.


I hope to be able to continue with this 1950s theme later on. Today, I received a genuine vintage pattern Vogue 6296:

Vogue 6296 pattern

This is the first vintage pattern that I have bought. Working with it may be interesting, especially since all the markings on the pattern pieces are in little holes instead of writing and also since the sizing might have changed since those days. I look forward to it.

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