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Sparkly cat tunic using Ottobre 1/2015 23. Peplum

Reversible sequin patches are in among little girls these days. We went hunting for nice tops among the high street shops but couldn’t find anything in S’s size. So I promised to make her some myself. I ordered a bunch of nice appliqué patches from China and it took a few weeks for them to arrive. During that time we went fabric shopping and found this nice mustard yellow sweatshirting. This cat patch suited the colour nicely so it was the first one that I selected. For the pattern, I chose the Ottobre 1/2015 23. Peplum tunic.

Peplum tunic is a simple jersey tunic with long sleeves and a peplum hem. The sizes range from 98 to 134 cm. This tunic is quite fitted and I am happy that I chose to make one size bigger than what I have usually made for S. This is because the sweatshirting we chose did not have much stretch to it.

I changed the neckline, though. I had matching ribbing and I decided to bind the neckline using my cover stitch machine and the binder attachment.

Using the binder attachment with the cover stitch machine to add binding to the neckline.

If you have been following the blog or my Instagram you have noticed my new YouTube channel where I show how I did not only the neckline binding but also the hems. I call this garment I’m making a dress in the video, but it is the same garment.

The cover stitch machine makes very beautiful and professional looking necklines:

The finished neckline.

In the video you didn’t get to see what the finished garment looked on S. Here it is from the side back view:

Ottobre 1/2015 23. Peplum tunic.

I am happy with the fit but I think that a more stretchier fabric would suit better this pattern. However, I can easily recommend this pattern. It suits even for beginners. You don’t need a cover stitch machine since the original pattern has a simple folded band that is sewn on to the neckline that you can do neatly even without a serger. The peplum hem is a nice detail gives a good excuse for some twirling!

The Ottobre 1/2015 23. Peplum tunic from the side.

S loves the new tunic and wore it to school today. She loves to change the picture by flicking the sequins:

In the sun you can feel the spring that is coming. I have to remind S to keep her coat on since she and other kids would like to go outside without coats. However, for the photos I relaxed my rules a bit.

The reversible sequin patch appliqué and the Ottoble 1/2015 23. Peplum tunic.

This is all for today! Happy sewing and don’t forget that you can subscribe the blog and my new YouTube channel!





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  • barbaralcooper

    I love this tunic that you made for S! It is so nice, the color looks so good on S and the sequined appliqué is really cool! Thanks also for the video. I really appreciate it and I’m sure our sewing community does, too!

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