Violette Field Threads Hazel pinafore
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Violette Field Threads Hazel pinafore

Hello all! My daughter’s friend E is back again! For those, who don’t remember, I made E this dress a while ago. This time the girls wanted matching pinafores and I got the task. The girls chose this purple and brown check fabric and the Violette Field Threads Hazel pinafore pattern fitted their wishes perfectly. This time I decided to make the same size for the both of them. The size 7 would have matched best for their measurements, but since the girls wanted to have a bit longer skirts and because they grow like weeds, I went for the size 8.

Hazel pinafore is a skirt pattern with lots of options. You can add a pinafore, an apron or ruffles to make it your own. The sizes go from 2 to 10 years. The pattern is quite simple and consists mainly of rectangles. Smartly the pattern instruction sheet contains dimensions for each of the rectangles so you can save paper and your time, if you just take the measurements from there instead of printing out and assembling the pdf pattern. Checked fabric makes it even more easy since you can cut the pattern pieces using the pattern as your guide. The back waistband has an elastic inserted into it which makes the skirt much more comfortable.

Violette Field Threads Hazel pinafore from the front.

The fabric I chose is cotton-polyester blend that has a nice rustic feeling. 130 cm was enough for each pinafore, but only just. Still, I was able to pattern match well enough to my liking.

I did not really follow the instructions which was partly why I had to rip some of the pinafore since I did not realise that the straps are meant to cover the whole pinafore. Well, after ripping out the straps I decided anyway to do things a bit differently since I left out the ruffles. What I did was that I narrowed the pinafore pieces and sandwiched the straps on each side of the pinafore. This reduced the bulk and made the sewing a bit quicker. I also left out the buttons and buttonholes and sewed the straps on the waistband. However, I left a bit extra strap hanging so that the straps can be lengthened once the girls grow. The girls asked me to crisscross the straps behind the back so that they don’t fall off the shoulders so easily.

The Violette Field Threads Hazel with criss-crossed straps.

I also decided to topstitch the elastic to keep it from twisting in its place. With all the gymnastics the girls get up to the extra precaution makes sense. Here E shows the Hazel pinafore from the side. I love the amount of fabric in the skirt:

E and her Hazel pinafore from the side.

I did not have to ask twice to have the both girls appear on the blog! We all had so much fun taking the photos. As they both already have some experience in being in front of the camera they immediately started making their own suggestions. They found the apples in the fruit basket and decided that they would make perfect props for the photoshoot…

E and S in their matching Hazel pinafores.

… and what is better they also make a perfect snack!

The girls in their pinafores. Apples are yummy!

This was my first Violette Field Threads pattern for me even if I have been eyeing the patterns for a long time. For anyone else looking for a nice pinafore pattern for girls, I can warmly recommend this pattern. My version is quite simple but the pattern includes all kinds of cute frills and bows for those that like them. It is also an easy pattern to make.

The girls are already planning to go to school in identical outfits. I just hope that the weather will allow it. Today it has unfortunately been snowing again and it takes some guts to go outside in a skirt. Luckily the spring is coming and soon they are ready to run around without thick winter gear.

This is all for today. Have a nice weekend and happy sewing!






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