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My cover stitch machine and my new YouTube channel

I have had my Janome CoverPro 2000CPX cover stitch machine for a about a year. It’s a wonderful tool after I learned how to use it. At first I had problems because the new machine needed to be oiled. However, after oiling it started working like a dream. I wrote about how I oiled the machine here.

If you search through the internet you’ll find numerous examples of different settings people use with this machine. However, after oiling the machine I haven’t needed to touch the dials at all, excluding the stitch length dial. I believe that many problems that frustrate people with cover stitch machines (and sergers!) are due to machines in need of oiling. Even if your machine is new, the factory oils may have sat inside it for a long time and some relubrication is needed for the machine to work properly.

Now that the cover stitch machine works nicely I have learned how to use it to finish my hems and how to use the binding attachment to make beautifully bound necklines. In this video I show the basic operating principles of my machine. Have fun watching and sorry about my accent!


I hope you enjoyed my first YouTube video. I realise that it could have used a bit more close-ups but I only noticed that after filming the whole thing. That is something that I try to remember the next time!

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  • Melody Srygley

    Katja, I never really knew what a coverstitch machine did. That binding attachment is something wonderful!

    Please don’t apologize – your accent is charming. (And you are very easily understood to my northeastern US ear!) Thanks for the video! Melody

    • kk

      Glad you liked my video! Finnish accent is generally understandable but not very sexy! I don’t really hear my accent when I speak but I cringe when I listen my recordings back! I haven’t talked English aloud so much lately, so I struggle a bit to get my fluency back.

  • Jenna

    Very cool video! I am still considering buying a coverstitch machine.

    And don’t apologize for your accent, we all have accents no matter where we are from 🙂 some day when I’m speaking Finnish regularly I’ll probably have a funny American accent, hehe!

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