Me Made May 2018.

Me Made May wrap-up

It’s officially June and the end of Me Made May ’18. What did I learn? What was challenging and what easy? What did I end up making? Did I reach my goals?

My pledge was:

I, Katja Kuitunen of and @katja.kuitunen, sign up as a participant in Me-Made-May ’18. I endeavour to wear a me-made top and a bottom or a dress everyday for the month of May. I will also try to create two whole outfits (top+bottom) and make one set of underwear for myself.

As I am prone to perfectionism I set my sewing goals pretty low and it was fairly easy to fulfil them. Taking the daily outfit photos was a bigger challenge and I missed a few. I did not want to make the daily photos into huge photoshoots with studio lights and everything, so on those days when I did not have time to take photos before 9 pm, I did not have enough light to take photos. The most difficult thing was… do not laugh… my hair! My hair is so limp and flat and super straight. I did not want to take photos without doing my hair at first and that’s a huge trouble to go through daily! In the last photos, there are several boring ponytails and hats to hide my bad-hair-day! And go fed-up doing my curls half-way through the month. So straight bob it was!

Me Made May outfits

All my Instagram-posted outfits are below. If you are sharp you may notice at least two garments that I haven’t posted on my blog. You can see that I mostly wear skirts and dresses and I have even repeated some dresses. This is not just because I like big hems and girly style but also because I am still a bit unhappy with my trousers.

I realised I should make more solid coloured bottoms. Most of my skirts and even some of my trousers have multicoloured prints and that makes it hard to combine them with patterned tops. Furthermore, I also lack short-sleeved tops. I wasn’t expecting the May heatwave that we got, which meant that I had to leave most of my me-made tops in my wardrobe since they were long-sleeved.

My May-makes

For myself I made:

  • a pair of panties
  • a bra
  • trousers
  • a dress
  • two tops
  • two skirts

My kids got:

  • a pair of shorts (for K)
  • a pair of short leggings
  • a dress
  • a romper
  • 10 pairs of knickers
  • a circus outfit

Other sewing:

  • a romper for S’s friend for a birthday present

I felt I was pretty productive. I still have some garments that I have cut but not sewn up. Now I have material for my blog for quite some time since my blogging hasn’t kept up with my sewing!  The highlight of my Me Made May month was definitely learning to make my first bra. I am now determined to make whole lovely lingerie sets complete with lace!

I hope you enjoyed my post! Thanks for reading and see you soon! Happy sewing!





I am a mother of two. I sew, knit and create and blog about it.


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