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My selection of the 10 best patterns from 2017

As the year begins to close I look back to all the things I have sewn and the wonderful projects I have seen online. I can’t even count the number of garments I have made, but some of them have been more successful than others. Here is my collection of 10 sewing patterns that have really caught my attention this year. Some of them may be older, but I have found them only now. I have tested all of them with success. I have included also one pattern for men, boys and girls, since I sew for the whole family. Click on the title to get to the pattern company site and click on my project images to see further details on that specific project.

Coco jacket by Sew Over It

I bought this pattern immediately after its release. This is a great pattern to make a jacket that is both modern and classic. I made if of a stretch suiting but it would look amazing in wool or bouclé. I will definitely make this jacket again at some point.

Image: Sew Over It Coco jacket

Bootstrapfashion Men’s fitted shirt

This shirt pattern was amazing. Before, I tried to sew a shirt for my husband and lost all motivation when I noticed how bad the fit was. This custom fitted pattern has so many options that you will get a pattern that actually fits. This will be my go-to pattern from now on.

Vado designs Made-To-Measure Slim Fit Men's Shirt made for my husband, front view.

Carolyn pajamas by Closet Case Patterns

I am a huge fan of classic pyjamas, but before this I had never sewn any by myself. After seeing beautiful creations using this pattern online, I got the Carolyn pajamas pattern. This pattern was just what I needed and I found the cutest fabric for it. I can warmly recommend this pattern!

Carolyn pajamas

Named Quinn

Quinn is a shirt pattern with a little twist. The vent in the button placket and the unusual collar make this shirt to stand out. At the bottom of it, however, is a very useful basic shirt that fits nicely without being too tight or too loose. This is one of those patterns that I will probably use for many different kinds of pattern hacks.

Shy Bear dress (Ottobre 04/2017 12.)

My daughter loves home-made clothes and I love making things for her. When we saw this dress pattern in the Ottobre 04/2017 magazine we both wanted it. I immediately saw it being made of two different kinds of fabrics, so I left out the appliqué and made a modern jersey dress that combined yellow and black and white jerseys. The pockets are not only useful but they also add to the character of this dress.

Image: Ottobre 04/2017 12. Shy bear dress

McCalls’s shirtdress #6696

I couldn’t leave this out even if it is probably the most celebrated shirtdress pattern there is. I have seen many amazing creations using this pattern and I also love my version of it. I know that I will use this pattern over and over again.

Vogue V6696 shirtdress made of cotton lawn, front view.

Moneta dress by Colette patterns

Again, this is one of those dresses that almost everyone in sewing blogosphere has made. Moneta is easy to sew, comfortable and flattering. It is also easily modifiable. I have experimented with different necklines and sleeve lengths but Colette patterns also has published a whole add-on pack with different collar options to choose from. This year I ended up making 3 Monetas but I am pretty sure that they will not be my last ones.

Vanessa Pouzet Wanted t-shirt

Currently the pattern seems not to be available due to some website development but I hope they will fix it soon. On my opinion, this teeshirt pattern is the cutest that I have seen online. The square neckline is cute and the form fitting silhouette is perfect to be tucked into wide-hemmed skirts. You can emphasise the neckline by making the top out of stripy fabric like I did.

Vanessa Pouzed Wanted t-shirt and self-drafted lace skirt, front view.

Lekala flounce dress

This is one of the most memorable dresses that I made this year. It is completely current in its design but the flounces add just the right amount of femininity to this relaxed dress. The elasticated waist makes this dress very comfortable and I have worn it a lot.

Lekala pattern #4279 viscose dress.

Marley shorts by Ottobre design

Ottobre 3/2010 had nice patterns for both Marley shorts and Riff t-shirt. I chose to include the shorts that I think are something that many boys would want to wear. They are relaxed and comfortable but they also look cool and modern. They have big pockets that have eye-catching colourful detail.

Ottobre 3/2010 Marley shorts and Riff t-shirt.

So, here were the 10 sewing patterns that I chose. However, I must admit that choosing only 10 was really hard. What would be your picks for the 10 patterns? Have you tried any of these?

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