Megan Nielsen Flint trousers.
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Flint trousers by Megan Nielsen

This is my first Sensible Sewing Challenge make. I was recommended this pattern when I was asking for suggestions on how to have a comfortable adjustable trouser waist without having to add an elastic. The Flint trousers by Megan Nielsen have an unusual closure that is hidden inside the left pocket. There is no zipper to sew, which is a nice bonus! The pattern has both shorts and culottes version and an option of having either buttons or ties as waistband closure. I, however, made a whole length pair, since I am not sure whether the culottes would suit me.


The pattern sizes go from XS to XL corresponding to the waist size from 66 to 86 cm. I made the size S that fitted pretty well. However, I do nowadays always correct the crotch shaping to match my sloper that fits me.

Megan Nielsen Flint trousers from the side view.


I wanted to make a pair of trousers that are comfortable and do not need much ironing. The list of recommended fabrics for the Flint trousers is huge and goes all the way from denim to flowy silks but different fabrics will surely result in very different kinds of trousers. I chose to use sand-coloured polyester crepe that is very easy to wear. The only drawback with this fabric was that it doesn’t crease. It was practically impossible to iron the seams flat or to press the edges.


This was very quick and easy to sew. I still struggle with trouser flys and thus making a pair that doesn’t require one was a relief. The hidden closure was very easy to accomplish. The only change I made was that I added some topstitching to the waistband and the ties, since the fabric didn’t stay flat otherwise. The topstitching really suited this crepe fabric and the result looked nice and polished.


I love the hidden closure of Flint trousers and I will be definitely using it in the future! This is also the first pair of pleated trousers that don’t bunch up to my hips.

I think, however, that I the trousers might have worked a bit better if I had made them a bit narrower. Now that I just continued the trouser leg lines the hems became a lot wider than the culottes would have been. With a fitted t-shirt or a spaghetti strap top, the width would have been balanced with the skimpy top part but the black cardigan in the photos doesn’t work as well. Unfortunately, the weather in Finland often requires more coverage so I think I will narrow the pattern for my future makes.

All in all, this is a good pattern and very much on trend now that the wider trousers are finally starting to appear after years of skinny trouser fashion. The instructions were clear and the pattern was easy and quick to make.

Megan Nielsen Flint trousers.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and thank you for reading. More Sensible Sewing projects are soon coming! And if you want something more fashion forward, check out my Kielo jumpsuit pattern hack tutorial! Happy sewing!



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