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My new labels from the Dutch Label Shop

As I came home from a little Autumn trip to visit my parent I was happily surprised to find a little parcel waiting for me at home. The Dutch Label Shop had contacted me a while ago and offered some labels for me to test and I jumped to say “Yes!”. So, they send me a $100 voucher for their webshop. They will also give my readers 15 % off with the code withmyhandsdream15 until the 1st of December. I was not paid to write this review, though, so my opinions are my own.

I have been wanting to have labels of my own for a while. For some reason, the label finishes the garment and makes it look professionally made. I have had some simple black ones that said “Handmade by Katja Kuitunen” but I now want labels that mention my blog. Besides labels, I also need some care tags. I usually know how to wash and care for the garments I make but I am not the only one running the washing machine in our family. I can’t expect my husband to know silk from cotton just by touching it, even if it is second nature to me.

Update: Several people have contacted me and informed me that the use of care tags requires a license if the products are meant for sale. This is because the care symbols are registered as trademarks. According to Finnish law, the for-profit use of registered trademarks is forbidden. To my best knowledge, the private use of the care labels is OK. You may want to check this out, to make sure how the things are in your country.

The labels

The first thing to do was to think about what kind of labels I wanted to have. You could select different sizes and shapes of labels, choose colours, text, image or make a custom label from your own image. There were options for both sew-on and iron-on labels.

I wanted to use my blog logo as a label. I was a bit worried about the small script not being big enough to be woven in but there was no problem. Just in case, I selected an option to see the proofs before the labels were actually made.

This is what I finally got:



As you can see, I selected black text with a pink background. The logo is woven in and the text is very clear. The labels feel excellent quality-wise. The ends have been folded and sealed so there’s no unravelling. The size of the labels is 2 cm times 7 cm.

The Care Tags

I also got me some care tags. I couldn’t possibly get all the different kinds of care options for these, so I went for the most common care instructions that suit most of my makes. So, 40-degree wash, two dots ironing and no tumble drying. All the common wash and care symbols were provided so it was easy to just click and choose. There was also room for several rows of text. This is what I came up with:


My care tags from the Dutch Label shop.


This time the text has been printed on white satin background. The tags have sealed ends so that they will not unravel. What I like about them is that they feel very soft so I don’t expect them causing any irritation even when worn against the skin. The only thing I could have changed was the order of symbols in the care label. I’d have preferred to have them in the opposite order but the order seemed to be fixed (or I wasn’t smart enough to figure out how to change it). Luckily this is a tiny thing and doesn’t really matter that much.

Trying them out

I couldn’t resist sewing the labels and the care tags on to some of my newest makes. Aren’t they pretty?


Necklines with my labels.


I also added the care tags to the left side seam:


The care tag attached to the side seam.


I will now be happy to add these to all of my future makes! With $100 I got 75 custom woven labels and 65 care tags.

So, thank you Abby from the Dutch Label Shop for offering me these! I can really recommend these labels for others, too. If you are interested, take advantage of the code withmyhandsdream15 which is valid for the duration of October and November 2018.

Have you ever ordered labels for your garments? What kind of labels did you get?


Thank you for reading! See you soon and in the meantime: Happy Sewing!



I am a mother of two. I sew, knit and create and blog about it.


  • Tzipi Glick

    Thank you for telling me about these labels. I do have labels but they really irritate me so i stopped using them. I am looking for soft silky labels that are soft to the touch and feel luxurious. Would you say that this brand fits the bill?
    Thank you
    Tzipi Glick

    • kk

      Hmm… if you are super sensitive, the long edges may feel scratchy. The care labels are completely soft with soft edges, but the pink custom ones are made out of different material. They have a satin like surface but the edges are a bit hard. You might want to try ordering just few to see for yourself. Or perhaps you could find a way to make labels out of the care tags?

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