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Spring blouse (Lekala 4420)

I found this wonderful viscose fabric from the remnants section of the local Eurokangas fabric shop. I think that the colour works nicely with the beiges and nudes of my spring wardrobe so I decided to make a blouse of it.

I have made Lekala 4420 blouse once before and after going through several other pattern options I decided for it. I made a few modifications. First, I left out the center front seam, then I took a quite a bit out from the width of the sleeves that were a bit too much for my taste and finally I decided to replace the clasp above the keyhole opening with narrow ties. Oh, and I shortened the back a bit before hemming it. Here is the blouse from the back.

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I really like this blouse. If anyone is interested about my sleeve modification here is a picture of what I did. To make it easier to see, I have drawn lines to represent the original sleeve (pink) and the modified sleeve (blue).

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I took a total of 12 cm off of the width of the sleeve piece and there is still plenty of fabric to gather around the cuffs. I kept the slit at the same distance from the seam.

I also took a lot of care of the finishing. Since the fabric was quite slippery and frayed easily I decided to do french seaming throughout. I think that the blouse looks almost as good from the inside as from the outside. Of course, nobody can see the inside but I feel proud wearing a beautifully made garment.

Now that I have finished this blouse I have a lot of projects to choose from. Yesterday, I got a package from Liberty containing gorgeous Tana lawn in both white and cerise. I haven’t gotten around washing them yet, since I have been too busy stroking the soft surface of the fabrics! I also got some Gabardine fabric from Calico Laine so I can finally start working on my new trench coat.

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