Spring blouse (Lekala 4420)


I found this wonderful viscose fabric from the remnants section of the local Eurokangas fabric shop. I think that the colour works nicely with the beiges and nudes of my spring wardrobe so I decided to make a blouse of it.

I have made Lekala 4420 blouse once before and after going through several other pattern options I decided for it. I made a few modifications. First, I left out the center front seam, then I took a quite a bit out from the width of the sleeves that were a bit too much for my taste and finally I decided to replace the clasp above the keyhole opening with narrow ties. Oh, and I shortened the back a bit before hemming it. Here is the blouse from the back.

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I really like this blouse. If anyone is interested about my sleeve modification here is a picture of what I did. To make it easier to see, I have drawn lines to represent the original sleeve (pink) and the modified sleeve (blue).

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I took a total of 12 cm off of the width of the sleeve piece and there is still plenty of fabric to gather around the cuffs. I kept the slit at the same distance from the seam.

I also took a lot of care of the finishing. Since the fabric was quite slippery and frayed easily I decided to do french seaming throughout. I think that the blouse looks almost as good from the inside as from the outside. Of course, nobody can see the inside but I feel proud wearing a beautifully made garment.

Now that I have finished this blouse I have a lot of projects to choose from. Yesterday, I got a package from Liberty containing gorgeous Tana lawn in both white and cerise. I haven’t gotten around washing them yet, since I have been too busy stroking the soft surface of the fabrics! I also got some Gabardine fabric from Calico Laine so I can finally start working on my new trench coat.

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  1. Life of Janine

    Really pretty. I love the fabric, and also the pattern. I have a couple of RTW blouses in a similar style and like them, so will definitely look at this Lekala pattern.

    13 . Apr . 2017
  2. Granville shirt and a skirt – with my hands – Dream

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    28 . Apr . 2017
  3. Ness

    Hello! I found your site via Lekala. You have made some lovely pieces and I really like what you’ve done with this blouse. It was very kind of you to show how you altered the sleeve pieces and the end result is fabulous – you look great in it. I have always been too nervous to use any of the Lekala patterns… I am an experienced sewer but the instructions scare me to death! You have given me courage to try – so thanks for this too. The fabrics you have chosen for all your projects are gorgeous! The fabrics available in Finland seem so much nicer than what we have here in Australia! I look forward to seeing more of your creations 🙂

    26 . Jun . 2017
    • kk

      Thank you for your nice words! I don’t know about the fabric availability in Australia never having been there, but you do have nice pattern designers! I don’t really like much about the fabrics available here in Finland, but luckily enough I live in the capital region that has many fabric shops with a random selection of cheap factory remnants. I do have to dig a lot, but then occasionally I find real gems. I just got back from London and was so envious of the fabric shops in there. I do not want to even calculate how much I spent! And the price of cotton fabrics is half of the price here in Finland. Luckily I can order online from UK and other European countries, even if it takes while for my fabrics to be delivered.

      04 . Jul . 2017
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    21 . Dec . 2017

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