Ommel 2019 – The second day

The second day at Ommel 2019 was for serious fabric shopping and meeting people. However, we (S and I) started the day by modelling for our first ever fashion show!

The fashion show

The fashion show was held at noon. I was presenting my Kielo dress jumpsuit hack and S was modelling her Nuppu leggings and the Breakdance top I made for her.

I and S at the fashion show.

The outfits of the fashion show presented a huge range of different makes and I was, too, interested in seeing them. There were latin dance costumes, up-cycled garments, sportswear, vintage-inspired looks and a stylish maternity dress. Models included men, women and children of different ages and styles.

The models at the fashion show, part 1.
The models at the fashion show, part 2.

The pictures were taken by Seija Taipale who is behind the blog Mun Taipale and the new fabric shop FabriKing and she generously gave me permission to use them. Thank you, Seija!

Fabric shopping

After the fashion show, I and S started our serious fabric shopping round. I wanted to find interesting sewing patterns to try and find a fabric for my summer trousers, S had several ideas for outfits she wanted me to make for her. Of course, I didn’t want to forget my son, who had already selected a fabric online that he liked.

I was also excited to meet new people. I got to chat with the owner of the Swedish Zicca, which makes beautiful printed jersey fabrics and matching solid ribbings and jerseys. We got along so well that I got this piece of patterned denim-looking jersey for free to make something for my blog (S could choose a print she liked since I wanted to make something for her). I also bought a sewing pattern, a cute top, from them.

My fabric haul at Ommel 2019, second day.

S also selected solid coloured turquoise and pink jerseys and two patterned jerseys to match them from Kangaskapina and Ommelkupla. The Nuppu print company jersey will make a nice dress or a top for her and the black jersey is something I can use to make practical tops for myself. The grey and white jersey with a wavy pattern was my son’s selected fabric and it is by Mereen.

The cotton-linen was from Kultavilla and it was interesting to finally meet the weaver! I particularly liked that she had washed versions of her fabrics available to touch. I fell in love with this off-white fabric that I decided to use for my summer trouser project. In the picture, the fabric still looks a bit stiff and “curtain-like”. However, I already overlocked the edges to wash the fabric and I know that it will become super soft and less-sheer when it shrinks and settles in the wash.

The last fabric in the picture above is the jersey print called “Space moth night” the design of which won the fabric designing competition arranged by Ommel ry. The designer of the fabric is Erja Tapani. I was given the fabric at the bloggers’ meeting. First, the design did not really speak to me. Then I decided to show the fabric for my son, who is famously very picky with the prints he’ll wear and he liked it a lot. Now that I think about it, the fabric fits my son’s personality very well. It has these geometric shapes, strange bugs and mysterious jewel colours. So, now he will get not just one, but two tee-shirts.

Non-fabric related stuff

As I have just started my adventures in shoe-making I was super excited to find a booth, Nahkamyynti Kartim, selling leather. Finally, I bought a big piece of red cow leather and a smaller piece of pig leather that had a pretty floral print. The shopkeeper also let S choose from some leather scraps to use in her crafting projects.

What else I got.

As I am planning to make a hoodie in the course I’m taking on Sunday, I picked the black and white ribbon to use as a decoration. I bought the Astrid blouse pattern at Zicca booth since I liked the vintage inspiration it had. Older editions of the Finnish Taito magazines were freely available for everyone.

The Mönsterfabriken booth at Ommel 2019.

I had a nice chat with the owner of a Swedish pattern company called Mönsterfabricken. They had brought samples of their patterns and I got to try on a pair of trousers. I liked the fit so much that I wanted to buy the pattern. However, the owner decided to give it to me for free, as she had learned that I had a sewing blog. Thank you so much!

I was given the pretty Ommel bag on the blogger’s tour…

Meeting other Finnish sewing bloggers

Jenni Salminen, the chairperson of Ommel ry and the brains behind the Ommel sewing festival.

The chairperson of the Ommel ry, Jenni Salminen (above), took us bloggers around the festival area to see the action that was happening at the sewing retreat and the courses.

Over 100 participants were taking part in the sewing retreat. I started seriously thinking that it might be fun to take part in this action the next year.

The sewing retreat.

We also got to peek inside MakeBra course that was once again fully booked. It was lovely to see new bra-makers starting their bra-making journey!

Here is a little video clip I took during our tour:

And here are all the bloggers with Jenni Salminen. From left to right: Seija Taipale of Mun Taipale and Fabriking, Hanna Karhunen of Punatukka ja kaksi karhua, Jutta Jussila of Mehukekkerit, Jenni, me, Anni Ignatious of Sormustin and Auri Kohola of Ystäväni neula ja lanka.

The Finnish sewing bloggers at Ommel 2019 meetup.

More workshops for S

Yummy pin-cushions.

Again I was too busy to take part in any of the workshops. However, S had time to sit down for a little while and she made a pincushion like the ones above in the workshop that was run by the local library staff. Aren’t these cute!

Now, forward to the third and the last day of Ommel 2019!


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