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Another Ottobre 4/2012 Black Denim -dress

There are not many patterns that I re-use as there are so many patterns out there. However, I always liked the Ottobre 4/2012 Black Denim dress that I made for S three years ago and was sad to see it go. So, I made S another one in a bigger size.

This version of the Black Denim is a bit darker and I used matching thread for the topstitching. The fabric is stretch denim so it is extra comfortable to wear.

Now, where are the pockets?

I was a bit worried about the dress being too big since I made it in size 140 cm. S has not even reached the height of 134 cm but I have made her so many clothes in that size that I’m worried that her whole wardrobe will go too small at once. Luckily this dress looks just fine the way it is and S can now hopefully wear it for a few years.

I added a small decorative patch to the hem as otherwise, the dress is so plain.

If you are interested in sewing for a girl of about 9, come back soon. I have so many nice projects going on as I am building my daughter’s wardrobe and can’t wait to share them all!

For those that sew for themselves: Did you already notice my little ebook called Your Unique Dressform that is available on my blog shop for only 5 €?

Thank you for reading and happy sewing!


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