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Tropical leaves aka vintage pattern adventures

I love vintage patterns that have a bit different cuts than can be seen in the modern sewing patterns. However, the images don’t always tell how the final dress actually looks on me so there is some trial and error included.


Simplicity 1587 has an interesting bodice and I thought it might work for me. I found this nice rayon with leaf print and got to sewing. The bodice pleating was a pain to do. I did have to rip the pleats away a few times and fit the yoke to the lower part at least twice before the bodice sat right without the fabric pulling into weird directions. Luckily the seams that required ripping were not too long so for anyone else struggling with this dress: Just have patience!


Here is the dress from the back:


I really like this dress. I have already made a blouse modification of this dress since I loved the bodice so much and I’ll post it later.

Sometimes the end result ends up being disappointing. This was the case with McCall’s 7433.


I thought it would be nice to have a long sleeved dress for Christmas. However, the dress wasn’t finished in time. I made some small sewing mistakes and found some of the instructions unclear.

The thing that made this dress a disaster was my choice of fabric. This is not the first time I have thought it a good idea to sew a dress of thin wool fabric with some sad results. The fabric did not like the pleating and puckers and wrinkles like crazy. The hem of the dress just doesn’t look right. Also the bodice is slightly too big, the sleeves are too long and the neckline is too low. Even the belt looks droopy and sad. I have worn it a few times with a blazer and with a coat to cover it but this dress seems to be on its way to the recycling pile.






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  • Elena

    The leafy dress came out lovely! Congrats! 🙂

    The problem with the McCall dress seems to be that the back length in the pattern is too long for you, or may be even the whole dress is sized for a taller woman. Check the back length. Many commercial patterns are scaled in height as well as in width with each size increment, although I have yet to see a woman gain 2 inches in height with each stone. 😉

    • kk

      I don’t know. I have a very long back so I doubt it is a problem. The sleeves are too long but I think that there is too much width in the bodice. Also the skirt doesn’t really hang well. Anyway, at least the other dress is wearable!

      • Elena

        Hmmm… Sometimes the pattern just doesn’t have the right proportions. Yes, I think the shoulders are too wide in that dress.

      • kk

        I think you may be right. I think I’ll donate it to the local recycling center. It might look nice on somebody else.

      • Elena

        Good thinking! Besides, it won’t be hanging in your closet as a constant reminder of a less successful make! I always get rid of the ones that I can’t fix or remodel. 🙂 As well as the ones that “shrink in the wash”. 😉

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