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    Red bag for my son

    My son has been frustrated with his lack of a proper bag to carry his essentials around. His school bag is too big and bulky if he just wants to take his wallet and phone to visit a game shop or to buy some ice cream. Lately I haven’t made that many things for my son, so I promised to help and make him a boyish red bag. I found this sturdy plastic-backed canvas and the black strap at a local fabric shop called Inkuri. After getting hom, I immediately started cutting the canvas. Without making a proper pattern, I just determined a suitable width to the bag and started…

  • Ottobre Nukkumatti baby pyjamas
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    Robots for the little ones (Ottobre 06/2012 2. Nukkumatti and 16. Raide)

    My dear friend had a little baby boy and I wanted to congratulate the newcomer and his big brother with matching outfits. Ottobre design 06/2012 had two patterns that suited the purpose beautifully. Ottobre 06/2012 2. Nukkumatti is a baby pyjamas pattern (“Nukkumatti” means “Sandman” in Finnish) but when my children were babies I used to dress them in overalls like these even during daytime due to their easiness. Ottobre 06/2012 16. Raide is a pattern for a basic long-sleeved t-shirt for a little boy or a girl. I found this lovely robot jersey from Paapii design. I bought just one metre of it which was enough for the both…

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    Oh Boyz aka t-shirt of faces

    When I saw this fabric at Eurokangas I did not think twice: K was going to get a new t-shirt.  With the funny print there was no need to get a fancy pattern, so I took an old an trusted pattern: Let It Be from Ottobre Design 6/2010. There was really nothing fancy with the sewing. I added a bright orangey red collar using a scrap piece of jersey I had in my stash. If I remember correctly the selvage of the printed jersey said “Oh Boyz”, so that is what I started calling the t-shirt in my mind. This t-shirt has been in regular use already for months. I have had…

  • Ottobre 3/2010 Marley shorts and Riff t-shirt.
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    Red and black sport outfit

    It’s been a while since I made something for my son. Yesterday K mentioned needing some nice shorts for his PE class. I immediately saw my chance and dug up all my stretchy fabrics for him to choose the best fabrics and colours. Ottobre 3/2010 had nice patterns for both Marley shorts and Riff t-shirt. I liked the little dash of colour at the pocket edges and the length of the shorts that would protect my son’s knees. The original t-shirt pattern had a cool guitar applique design but I wanted just a basic pattern with nothing extra. I had about the same amount of red and black jersey, so…

  • Burda 2452 pirate costume.
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    Arrrr… pirate birthday

    I have never before arranged a themed birthday party in my life. However, my pirate-loving son is turning eight soon and we decided to organize a pirate-themed costume party. I decided to be ambitious and sew a pirate captain costume for my son. I made a pirate coat and turn-up cuffs using some cheap faux-leather. I combined them with a sash made of unbleached sheet cotton and some old leather belts I found in a flea market. I made a Jack Sparrow type of scarf using red sheet cotton and some beads and some coins a got from a cheap H&M coin-necklace. Hat was originally an old felt hat that…

  • Iron Man hoodie
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    Iron Man

    My son loves superheroes and wanted to have a hoodie that can be completely closed up. We spend some time thinking about different options and finally I suggested an Iron Man hoodie. I already had a full zip hoodie pattern from Ottobre Design 4/2011 so we only had to draft an application pattern resembling an Iron Man suit. After some sketching, this is what I came up with. I used red college for the hoodie and a mixture of jersey and college for the applications. When the hood is closed completely the hood forms the mask of Iron Man. I am very happy with the result. The size is perfect,…

  • K's shirt - front
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    A relaxed shirt for my little lad

      My soon-to-be 8-years-old son, K, is used to waiting to get something for himself, as his clothes tend to be more challenging for me to sew. However, my dear husband has been requesting a home-made shirt for himself and since I did not dare to dive into the complicated construction and fitting issues of his shirt without any practice, I decided to have a trial run with a little easier boy’s shirt. Again, I found the fabric in the discount pile and grew to hate it quite soon after starting to fit the pieces together. I mean, the fabric is good quality and I like the colors. However, there…