K's shirt - front

A relaxed shirt for my little lad

K's shirt - front

My soon-to-be 8-years-old son, K, is used to waiting to get something for himself, as his clothes tend to be more challenging for me to sew. However, my dear husband has been requesting a home-made shirt for himself and since I did not dare to dive into the complicated construction and fitting issues of his shirt without any practice, I decided to have a trial run with a little easier boy’s shirt. Again, I found the fabric in the discount pile and grew to hate it quite soon after starting to fit the pieces together. I mean, the fabric is good quality and I like the colors. However, there were so many different ways I managed to fit the pieces together so that the stripes were mirrored in either one or the other direction, that there was a lot of normally unnecessary thinking involved! Finally the stripes match, but the front pockets ended up being mirror images of what they were supposed to be in the original pattern from Ottobre Design 6/2009.

Anyway, the end result still looks cool and fits my son very well. It also looks surprisingly good on me! I must really consider making one shirt for myself using the same pattern, only adding a bit length to the hem. This is of course due to the fact that the shirt is pretty loose on an 8-year-old boy and is quite tight on me with 3/4 sleeves, too. Here is another pic from the back:


The pic has been taken after K wore the shirt for a whole day, so it is a bit wrinkled. However, little wrinkles do not ruin the shirt in my opinion.


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