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Sew Over It Rosie skirt for the spring

I found this beautiful fabric in the local fabric shop and I immediately saw it as a nice little spring skirt. I then went through my pattern stash and decided to try the skirt version of the Sew Over It Rosie dress I made last summer. Being quite pessimistic I went for a size 12, since I have noticed a tendency of making skirts a bit too tight at the waist. If I had realised that my previous make was size 8, I perhaps would have chosen the size 10 which would have been a better fit. But well…

Sew Over It Rosie skirt from the back.

This was a pretty quick make. I moved the zipper to the side to make it even easier to make. After doing this I was able to cut the back piece on fold. However, I did add some piping to decorate the lower edge of the waistband, since I happened to have just the right coloured piping in storage.

My mistake...

I hand sewed the inner edge of the waistband and a disaster happened: One of my pins got stuck to the front of the skirt and pulled a thread. I felt so betrayed by my pins! They really should help me and not destroy my makes! The fabric has been printed on one side only and the pulled thread twisted so that the white back of the fabric shows. I tried pulling the thread back and ironing it but it made no difference. I also tried colouring it in with a permanent marker but the thread doesn’t seem to take colour very well and the result is not much better. The only way to fix this would be to rip that piece of the skirt out and replace it with a new one.

The Rosie skirt from the front.


So, I don’t know what I’m going to do with this skirt now. It is wearable but I have noticed that if there is a distracting thing like this mistake in my skirt it usually means that the skirt will be left unworn even if I do love the floral fabric. Besides, I really should have taken a smaller size, since I find the waistband drooping. Anyway, I wanted to post this just to show that not all my makes are so successful. I will leave this skirt for a while and perhaps come back to it some time later. I do have enough fabric to fix it and I could take the waistband in while I’m doing it.

Well, wish me better luck next time! Before sewing anything else I will have to have a serious talk with my pins and make them promise that they will behave!

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  • PsychicSewerKathleen

    Such a pretty skirt! I would just remove the waistband, make it smaller and don’t worry about a pulled thread. hahaha if you only knew the “mistakes” I wear all the time! On the subject of PINS – I use them as rarely as possible – I use wonder clips all the time – I glue, tape – do all sorts of stuff in the avoid pins saga. When I use pins I stick myself, my fabric – it makes holes in my fabric that I hate anyway. So PINS! I’m with you 🙂

    • kk

      Thanks! I actually finally fixed the skirt by changing the panel with the flaw. I luckily had some spare fabric left. While doing that I also took in the waist a bit and that sorted out all the problems. I have worn that skirt a lot, so it was all worth it!

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