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Winter garden blouse

I have been sewing a lot, but the lack of sunlight has prevented me from taking good photos. Today, however, it seems that the winter has lost some of its power and the sun was shining. Still, I apologize for the slight graininess of the pictures.


I made a blouse of white viscose fabric for S using a pattern from Suuri Käsityö 9/2013. I love the longer back hem and the pleats in the front. Just like in the original pattern, I used iron-on embellishments on the left side of the blouse. The blouse has a zipper in the center back.


It was too dark to take pictures indoors and still too cold to go outdoors in the thin blouse so we chose the patio that has been resembling some sort of a winter garden now that the more cold-sensitive plants have been wintering there. I really hope that they have survived!

I have also been sewing for myself. Lately I have overtaken a great project to draft a “perfect” trouser pattern for me. This means I have been sewing several pairs of trousers of both old bedsheets and even of some real fabric with mostly not-so-good results. The fabric in the only good fitting pair I managed to stitch together started immediately pilling and the different stretch properties of different trouser fabrics are driving me crazy. I am not giving up, though!

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