Burda 7148 hoodie.
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Grey hoodie

The weather forecast promised rain for the afternoon so I took the chance to enjoy the sun while it was still shining by going for a run. I put on my new (store bought) running leggings and my new hoodie that I sewed myself using the Burda young 7148 as a pattern.


I chose this pattern for its oversized hood and otherwise modern style. I liked that it did not have your basic cuffs and zipper but instead rather wide raglan sleeves and drawstring at the hem. I used a piece of leftover grey sweatshirt cotton that was just enough for me to cut all the pieces. The instructions were clear and sewing this hoodie did not take long.

Here is the hoodie from the front:

blogiin110417 - 2

Here you can see the size of that hood! It is enormous, but good to have since we tend to have a lot of wind around the Helsinki region.

blogiin110417 - 3

Here it is from the back. Nothing really spectacular, but the hood looks good also from this angle. See my super cool stretches!

blogiin110417 - 4

And this is the hoodie from the back with the hood down.

blogiin110417 - 1

I am really happy with the result.  I can wear this hoodie not only when doing sports but also when playing with my kids.

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