Cezembre blouse from the front.
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Cézembre blouse

This blouse is something that I have completely forgotten to post here. It is by a French pattern designer Anne Kerdilè and can be found here. I have actually made this blouse twice. At first I made the smallest size but after finishing it I realised that it was just slightly too small at the shoulders. Luckily I had still enough fabric left, so I made a second blouse this time using a bigger size and now the fit is perfect.


I like the unusual cut of the blouse. It is hard to see in the pictures, but the back piece is wider than usual and the seams joining the back to the front piece take care of the bust shaping. The hem is curved and the finishing of the hem was done using facings which made it easy to sew. Now that I think of this blouse, I should definitely make a third blouse. This pattern has lots of possibilities. I could try making it from jersey or I could mix different materials.

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