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Quilted white

I found this lovely quilted looking jersey in the factory remnants section of the local fabric store. Originally I thought it would make a lovely blazer but then I realised that the stiffness of the jersey makes it perfect for some interestingly cut blouse.

I had already traced the pattern for the Slit Neckline Blouse in Burda style 2/2015 but had not yet found a suitable fabric for it. The original fabric is much lighter but I decided to try the pattern anyway.


As you can see from my smiling face I like my new blouse. The only change I made was to lengthen the blouse for 4 cm since the blouse was originally made for petite women. I also used lighter jersey for neckline facing since the blouse fabric was too thick for it.


This closeup shows the lovely cut of the blouse from the front…


… and this from the back.


On the there is a couple of very interesting versions of this blouse and I might end up making another version of the same pattern with some modifications.

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