Sewing and doodles #3


So, according to these fitting instructions I’ll need a full seat adjustment, a flat seat adjustment, a thin thigh adjustment, a full thigh adjustment, a short crotchadjustment, a long crotch adjustment, a full tummy adjustment, a low butt adjustment, knock knees adjustment and a sway back adjustment… Should I call a doctor?



  1. klarisabet

    Recently there was a most interesting discussion on Pattern Review about body consciousness and sewing to fit. As for you: ALL your creations fit so beautifully!

    13 . Oct . 2017
    • kk

      Well I do have a continuous problem of fitting pants. There have been occasional successes but when I try the same pattern again with different fabrics it doesn’t fit. The most horrible creations never make it to the blog, because they are never finished.

      13 . Oct . 2017

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