• Image: Empire-waisted cotton nightgown, front view.
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    Dreamy nightgown
    Unelmien yöpaita

    Suomeksi alla… After I made this nightgown for S, I wanted to have something similar and romantic for myself. I tried to find a suitable pattern but failed. Finally I decided to design my own. I took a raglan sleeved dress as a basis and started pinning things on my dressform. I was inspired by regency gowns and wanted a long gown with an empire waist. I found lightweight cotton voile with subtle printed white polkadots from the factory remnants section of Eurokangas.. Since it was so thin, I doubled the bodice. I estimated the amount of fabric needed for the gatherings and sewed a large raglan top with a…

  • Image: Carolyn pajamas by Closet Case patterns.
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    Carolyn pajamas (Nyt myös suomeksi!)

    In English below… Tällä kertaa kirjoitankin kahdella kielellä! Jos haluaisit jatkossa lukea ompeluseikkailuistani suomeksi, heitä minulle kommenttia tai sähköpostia, niin saan motivaatiota jatkaa! Tämä ihana ohut puuvillabatisti on lojunut kangasvarastossani jo jonkin aikaa odottamassa täydellistä kaavaa. Alunperin ajattelin tehdä siitä mekon, mutta kangas olikin mekkoa varten liian pehmeää ja ohutta. Sitten näin monta upeaa versiota Closet Case patternsin Carolyn pyjama -kaavasta ja tajusin, että olin löytänyt kaavani. Carolyn pyjama kaava on saatavana englanniksi ja ranskaksi sekä paperisena, että PDF-muodossa. Kaava tarjoaa kolme erilaista pyjamavaihtoehtoa. Itse päätin tehdä vaihtoehdon B, joka on perinteinen pitkälahkeinen ja -hihainen pyjama terenauhoilla ja kauniilla lahje ja hihakäänteillä. Vaihtoehto A on hyvin samantapainen, mutta ilman käänteitä…

  • Image: My trench coat deserves a twirl.
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    Trench coat project part 6: The finished trench coat

    … so here is the latter half of today’s posting, go here, if you missed the first part and here, if you want to start the series from the beginning. Hooray! My trench coat is finally finished! This has been a long journey that I started already in April, when I wrote about my coat plans. At that point I hadn’t found my pattern, yet and hadn’t met my wonderful, wonderful sewing teacher Michelle, who helped me tremendously along the way. Then I managed to find the McCall’s 5525 coat sewing pattern on Ebay and started drafting a coat. I used the pattern only as a starting point since I…

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    Trench coat project part 5

    The previous parts in my trench coat series can be found: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 And… I know I promised to show the coat the next time I posted. However, this post became too long and I split it in two parts. No worries, though, I will post them both at the same time and you can read them both! Hemming the coat I used the wonderful book of Roberta Carr, Couture – the art of fine sewing, to instruct me on how to make a good hem. To be honest, this is the most work I’ve ever done with hemming. At first bias strips about 6…

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    The new Named clothing Stella shirt

    This time I have sewn and tested the new Named clothing Stella shirt pattern. It is a relaxed fit kimono-sleeve raglan shirt with an unusual pointed collar. The narrow sleeve cuffs were folded up in an interesting way. The sizes range from EUR 32 to 50. I tried on the size 36 while visiting Named studio shop and based on that, went for one size bigger. The recommended fabrics are light-weight, drapey fabrics with no stretch. I took a risk, though, and used thicker, basically quilting weight cotton from my stash. It did work but I think a softer fabric would have been better. I also decided on a whim to…

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    Named Quinn shirt

    The Quinn shirt by Named collection was a pattern that I got for free with the new Stella raglan blouse pattern. The pattern was in Finnish but it is available also in English. It is a relaxed fit button-up with some interesting details. The button placket is shorter than the shirt and is rounded up at the bottom leaving an open vent. The collar is overlapping and the French cuffs are finished with cuff-links made of buttons. The sizes range from EUR 32 to 46 (US 0 to 14 / UK 4 to 18). My measurements came between the sizes 36 and 38. I measured some of my old blouses and…

  • Image: Fifi pyjamas by Tilly and the buttons.
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    Successes and difficulties with silk – Fifi pyjamas and a blue camisole

    Fifi I found this big silk blouse from a flea market and, since it costed only 3 €, I couldn’t resist buying it to see whether I could refashion it into something useful for me. I browsed through pattern sites and finally decided on Fifi pyjamas pattern by Tilly and the buttons. Fifi consists on a camisole and a pair of shorts and it has sizes ranging from UK 6 to 20 (EUR 34 to 48). I chose to make the size UK 10 which is my usual size and matched best my measurements. The blouse was a basic short sleeved button up and I started with unravelling all the…

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    White Quilted Sweater for my daughter

    Hi there! This time I want to show some pictures of my daughter with her new animal friends. She is is wearing her new quilted sweater I made using a pattern from Finnish magazine Suuri Käsityö (9/2016). I used the same fabric as I used before to make myself a sweater. The original pattern had bound neckline and gathered hem but I chose to make a simpler version and just turned the neckline and the hem and used my cover stitch machine to finish them. The sleeves have cuffs that have slits in them. My children’s second cousin has two dogs and a horse that just had a foal this year.…

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    Autumn Cami dress

    Today I went for a walk in Helsinki and climbed up to the Uspenski Cathetral hill. It was a bit chilly without a jacket but I wanted still to take pictures of my autumn Cami dress. It is an older make but I have never managed to get good pictures of it before. Anyway, this pattern is from Pauline Alice and I have also made a summer version with short sleeves. I got the fabric from a small fabric shop Palttina in Outokumpu. I am not sure the exact composition of it. It feels very much like cotton, but I am pretty sure it has some other fibers mixed in. It…

  • Image: Trench coat breast pocket detail.
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    The trench coat project part 4: Gorgeous details and lining

    The previous posts about this trench coat project: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Belt carriers, sleeve bands and the belt I had my belt and sleeve band buckles ready, so I adjusted the belt (I include now the sleeve bands with the word ‘belts’) widths to suit the buckles. I added some extra length to the sleeve bands since the original ones were meant to be buttoned up. With the belt, I decided to use the whole width of my gabardine and cut the belt on fold. I also made the belt end pointed. The belts and the sleeve bands needed to be interfaced. I interfaced the belts using…