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Red Moneta dress by Coletta patterns

I said that I made a third Moneta dress. I wasn’t really planning to, but I found this gorgeous red viscose jersey that I knew would make a perfect Christmas Moneta dress.

This time I continued to modify the pattern. I now decided to make full sleeves and I had to widen them. The last time I just cut the sleeves longer and didn’t make a pattern but I though I might use the pattern later, too. I also wanted to make a higher neckline at the back. The photo below shows my changes, if you want to copy them:

My Moneta pattern modifications.

The last time I was feeling too lazy to make the pockets but now I wanted to make them, too.

My red Moneta dress by Colette patterns, side view.

Taking the photos was difficult. It was very dark and due to my sewing the upstairs was a total mess! It was raining outside, so we couldn’t go there either. Somehow my husband got the camera working on the dark back porch, even if the pictures are a bit unclear.

My red Moneta dress by Colette patterns, back view.

I think that this red dress is one of my most favourite makes for this year! I am wearing it right now and it is super comfortable but still cute and the colour brightens my day.

My red Moneta dress by Colette patterns.

Now I’m going to put my sewing to the rest and concentrate on making preparations for joulu (Finnish for Christmas). The darkness that engulfs Finland really needs a celebration at its peak! I miss the sun! There have been some sunny hours in December but I have been too busy to go out just then and then the sun has disappeared. Anyway, back to sewing. There are still some things that I haven’t posted yet, so I will continue posting pictures of my makes.

Thank you for reading and Happy Sewing!



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  • liz-o-matic

    Love this and your last Moneta! I have been wanting to make a long sleeved version, but have also had some troubles with fit- you’ve inspired me to have another go at it! Happy Joulu!! 😀

    • kk

      Hyvää Joulua! And thank you for your nice comment! This dress is clearly smaller than the size chart would suggest. One size bigger seems to be the way to go.

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