Winter Moneta dress by Colette patterns


Once more it was time to make something comfortable and quick for myself. I made the Moneta dress by Colette Patterns a little while ago. At that time I wrote that the size was a bit snug. Now I decided to try one size bigger, so I made the upper half in size S and the lower half in size M.

Moneta dress by Colette patterns, back view.

My fabric was some kind of navy blue viscose jersey remnant that I have been storing in my stash. I only had about two skirt lengths but luckily the fabric was just wide enough for me to cut the bodice and the sleeves from the remaining pieces after the skirt was cut. I lengthened the sleeves as much as I could. If you lengthen Moneta sleeves you cannot just continue the sleeve pattern piece without adding some width to it. The Moneta sleeve is drawn to narrow down quite quickly and if you don’t take that into accout your lower part of the sleeve will be too narrow. In fact my sleeves are still a bit tight since I couldn’t widen them enough for my fabric wasn’t wide enough.

Moneta dress by Colette patterns.

Otherwise the size is now perfect. Now the dress fits but it doesn’t show each lump and bump like my yellow version did. In fact I liked this so much that I already made a third Moneta, which I will reveal later…

Moneta from the side.

Sewing jerseys has really become a joy now that my coverstitch machine works. In this dress I used the coverstitch at all the hems and the neckline. Since the viscose jersey is so stretchy it is enough to turn the neckline and stitch. Coverstitch stretches and looks professionally made also from the inside.

Thank you for reading and feel free to share your thoughts about this post. Have you made the Moneta dress already? What did you think of it?

Happy sewing!



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