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Bullet Journal for Sewing

I have been writing a bullet journal for a little bit over a year now. It is relaxing to doodle on it and to make list of things that are going on in my life. I have noticed that sewing related stuff is a big part of my journal so I decided to share some things that I have found useful.

Planning your sewing

I always have several projects going on. In order not to forget a project that I have started I have a log where I write down my sewing plans. This is my first attempt at the log. In my newest bullet journal the log is more compact and I write it down for each month so that I don’t have to go back to the beginning of the journal to add new projects to the log.

I also have a lot of future plans that are not yet ready to be logged. For those I have this spread. It can also help to keep my attention on the things that I actually need, since I have separated different kinds of clothings into different slots. This way I do not end up making a dozen dresses and forget that I need to make some trousers, too.

Learning diary for new sewing skills

A while ago I was working with wool and had to learn new tailor’s ironing techniques. Before writing my blog post about the subject I wrote a lot of notes on my bullet journal so that I wouldn’t forget anything. The neighbouring page has a glued-on image of a jacket that I’d like to replicate at some point. For that jacket I have also made a lot of preparatory notes:

Specific pattern details

Here is my newest spread. I got this V8943 pattern just before Christmas. The pattern is very specific about the materials, so I found it useful to write everything down for me. When I head for fabric shopping, I will take my journal with me so that I can check everything. Sometimes I also print out pictures of patterns that I plan to use:

Internet shopping log

If you are like me, you cannot resist the huge collection of fabrics and notions available online. I have found it useful to log down my purchases to follow not only my spending but also whether all my orders have arrived in time. If a purchase doesn’t come in time it i much easier to ask after it when all the necessary details have been written down.

Marking down your measurements

I already made the free printable measurement sheet. I use the sheets to mark down everybody’s measurements. However, I need my personal measurements the most so I pasted the measurement sheet at the back of my journal. Because I use sewing patterns from many different companies I wrote the measurements both in cms and in inches. I use a pen whose markings can be wiped off so that I can update the measurements once in a while.

The neighbouring page has the imperial to metric conversion chart which often comes handy when dealing with foreign sewing patterns.

Do you have any other ways you can use a bullet journal with sewing and crafting? Share your ideas down below at the comments! And don’t forget to subscribe if you like these posts!

Happy sewing!


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