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Raindrop winter dress (Ottobre 04/2017 12.)

Some months ago I went fabric shopping with S and we found this nice knit fabric with colourful raindrops among the factory remnants. The piece was quite small but I believed I could squeeze something nice for S. After some consideration I went for the Shy Bear knit dress pattern from Ottobre 04/2017 that I like a lot. In fact, I included it in my list of the best patterns from 2017. I have used it successfully before, so I had the pattern ready.

My raindrop knit dress.

At first I was thinking of keeping the dress very simple and leaving out the pockets. However, I quickly realised that I did not have enough fabric to keep the bodice in one piece. As I had to break the bodice in the middle I could as well insert the pockets that were in the original pattern.

My raindrop knit dress.

For some reason I had struggled before with the pockets so it took me a while to start sewing after I had cut the fabric. I finally got the chance when I run out of brown thread in the middle of my 1940s overalls project. I was in a sewing mood so I decided to get the project going. Ha! It took me something like 30 minutes to sew the whole dress! I didn’t even have to touch my sewing machine! I serged all the seams together (yes, I was even able to insert the pockets that way) and used my coverstitch to finish up the edges.

The raindrop knit dress from the back. S likes the dress, although she noted that it is quite warm. That is true. The knit fabric has a soft brushed surface on the wrong side and for an active girl the knit dress gets quite warm indoors. Luckily it is winter and this dress can be layered under S’s jacket and the short hem tucked into outdoor winter trousers. That way she can keep warm when playing outside with her friends.

This is all for now. Thanks for reading and welcome back soon! Happy Sewing!





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